Professional writing

I’m a creative copywriter and editor, SEO writer, writing manager, and content strategist. If you watch TV, read magazines, or listen to the radio, there’s a good chance you’ve seen or heard some of my work in all of its anonymous glory. If you don’t do those things…I’m impressed.

I work full-time a writer and content strategist, leading the content development and SEO writing strategy for big websites. I currently work full-time for TIAA-CREF, a financial company started by Andrew Carnegie. And in my freelance time, I write and have written for clients including Ghirardelli Chocolate (yum), Google (nbd), Biscoff Cookies and Zimride (now Lyft).

If you have freelance needs or want to put my writing chops to the test, hit me up anytime.

Here’s a smattering of work I’ve done for full-time and freelance clients.

Links to 5 things I’ve written

  1. The Esurance homepage
  2. Zimride’s “How It Works” page
  3. Zimride’s “Safety” page
  4. Infographic on the history of street signs (PDF)
  5. How to compare car insurance

For Ghirardelli:


For Zimride:

For Climate Action Month:

For Earth Hour:

Earth Hour

For Esurance:

I wrote the first Esurance mobile app, which was featured by Google (screenshot on right):


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