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Rules for writing online, #17

Subdue your inner editor as you write what you need to write. Then let your words simmer as you work on something different. When you return to it, you’ll be able to edit with fresh eyes.   Advertisements

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Fruit power rankings (1982-2012 edition)

1. Watermelon (citrullus lanatus) Nothing says “Welcome back, warm weather” quite like a barbecue with friends or a cold beer. But a distant third is watermelon, and that’s not bad for a fruit. Watermelon had a strong three decades punctuated … Continue reading

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The famous writer’s grandfather, a tailor, definitely didn’t advertise

When I read about a famous writer’s grandfather who owned a tailor shop in Brooklyn, I imagine a row of shops manned by first-generation immigrants who patiently await a new client or returning customer. The tailor’s shop is deep and … Continue reading

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400 generations later…

For 99.9 percent of the time since our species came to be, we were hunters and foragers, wanderers on the savannahs and the steppes. There were no border guards then, no custom officials. The frontier was everywhere. We were bounded … Continue reading

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Rules for Writing Online, #8

Write your header (h1) succinctly and directly. The h1 is an invitation to read on. If Thanksgiving dinner was a web page, the h1 would be: Eat Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey and stuffing would be h2 subheads Gravy would be an … Continue reading

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Rules for writing online, #31

If you can say it short or say it long, say it short.

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Top 5 lines from Galapagos, by Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut’s Galapagos is a favorite book of mine. The plot, loosely summarized, centers around a group of tourists who take a cruise to the Galapagos Islands in 1986. Then the apocalypse happens, killing all of humanity apart from this … Continue reading

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